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DAIKIN FTKH35B/RKU35B-3WMYLF Air Conditioner
DAIKIN FTKH35B/RKU35B-3WMYLF Air Conditioner

DAIKIN FTKH35B/RKU35B-3WMYLF Air Conditioner

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Cooling Capacity:12100 Btu/hr

Gas Type: R32 Inverter

Cooling Type; 3D air flow

Noise Level:Noise Level 40(dB-A)

Capacity:1.5 HP

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Smart Breeze

Smart Breeze allows the air flow to be orchestrated at different strength and speed, leading to the formation of varying combination of cordial breeze. The room becomes a dedication to nature.

Smart Drift

Smart Drift generates an air throw effect towards the far end of the room where immaculate distribution of air is created. The cooling comfort is spread evenly throughout the space.

3D Airflow

3D airflow structure gives excellent air modulation to your room. It generates a rectangular motion of air throughout the room. With improved air draft coverage for even faster and efficient cooling reach.

Smart Powerful⁺

Smart Powerful⁺ produces direct spot cooling within the room for maximum comfort. The louver automatically maneuvers via a thermal sensor to direct instant cooling from the central spot to one individual.

Smart Sleep⁺

Smart Sleep⁺ is activated to initiate automated temperature adjustments to complement changes in body temperature during sleep. Synergised with the LED dimmer features, Smart Sleep⁺ ensures a pleasant rest throughout the night.

Smart EcoMax

An intelligent energy saving feature. Allows adaptive power utilisation, based on human presence. Indicated by a unique LED light, energy consumption level is intuitively switched between colours.

FTKH-A Series
Specifications / Model name
Type Inverter
Horsepower (hp) 1.0 1.5 2.0
Refrigerant R32
Rated Cooling Capacity (Btu/h) (Min-Max) 9,700 (3,700-11,600) 12,100 (4,000-13,000) 19,000 (6,000-21,200)
Rated Power Consumption (W) (Min-Max) 720 (260 – 1,200) 940 (280 – 1,250) 1,570 (420 – 2,200)
Rated Running Current (A) 3.28 4.20 6.90
CSPF (Wh/Wh) 6.40 6.31 5.75
Energy Rating 5 star
Air Flow Rate (CFM) 380 400 430
Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz) 220-240/1/50
Sound Pressure Level - Indoor (H/L/SL) (dBA) 39/27/20 40/28/22 43/33/31
Dimension - Indoor (H x W x D) (mm) 288 x 779 x 246
Dimension - Outdoor (H x W x D) (mm) 550 x 658 x 273 615 x 845 x 300
Unit weight - Indoor (kg) 9.5 10.0
Unit weight - Outdoor (kg) 24 26 37
Copper Pipe Size - Liquid (mm) 6.35
Copper Pipe Size - Gas (mm) 9.52

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