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EXTENDED WARRANTY ("the Warranty")

  1. The Warranty
  • Best Denki Malaysia Sdn Bhd ("Best Denki") provides the Warranty for the product(s) stated in the Sales Order Confirmation and Receipt, ("the Product(s)") to the person named in the Sales Order Confirmation ("the Warranty Holder") for the periods set in the tables at Clause 2.2 for Failure, commencing from the date of receipt of the Product(s) by the purchaser ("the Term") provided the Sales Order Confirmation has been accepted by Best Denki and the Warranty Fee has been paid. The benefits provided under the Warranty are set out in Clause 2.2 below.
  • The express obligations and warranties made by Best Denki in the Warranty are in lieu of and to the exclusion of any other warranty, condition, term, undertaking or representation of any kind, express or implied, relating to anything supplied or services provided under or in connection with the Warranty including (without limitation) any warranty as to the condition, quality, performance, satisfactory quality or fitness for purpose of the Product(s) or any part of the Product(s).
  • If a complaint is found upon investigation either not to be Best Denki's responsibility under the provisions of Clauses 2 and 3 below or if the Warranty Holder elects not to proceed with repair, Best Denki may charge the Warranty Holder for all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by Best Denki in the course of or in consequence of such investigation.


  1. The Warranty covers:

2.1 Failure of the Product(s) ("Failure")

  • In the event of Failure, Best Denki shall arrange for the repair of the Product(s) provided the difference between the costs of the repair and the original purchase price is borne by the Warranty Holder if the costs of the repair exceed the original purchase price,
  • Where it is determined by Best Denki that the Product(s) cannot be repaired (such determination to be final), Best Denki shall compensate the Warranty Holder with gift vouchers the value of which shall not exceed the relevant amount stipulated in column B of the applicable table in Clause 2.2 below.
  • Once the Warranty Holder is compensated by Best Denki under Clause 2.1 b, the Product(s) shall belong to Best Denki and the Warranty will terminate.


2.2 Benefits


Table 1 - Consumer Electric Products

(exclude computers, printers, and tablets)

* Original purchase price is excluding GST
  1. Scope of the Warranty

3.1 The warranty is only applicable if all of the following conditions are met.

  • The Product{s) are purchased from Best Denki Malaysia
  • The Product(s) have been used in Malaysia only.
  • The Product(s) come with their respective Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • The Product(s) can be repaired in Peninsular Malaysia.
  • The Product(s) have an original purchase price of at least RM320 (including GST).

3.2 The Warranty is not transferable to any third party.
3.3 If there has been a default in the payment of any part of the original purchase price of the Product(s), the Warranty will be suspended with no extension of the Term.
3.4 Best Denki reserves the right to vary or modify the terms and conditions of the Warranty at any time.
3.5 Exclusions
The warranty is not applicable to:

  • Product(s) used in office or for industrial/commercial purposes including residential premises which have been let
  • Product(s) not in the Sales Order Confirmation and Receipt
  • Damage caused by events that occur outside Malaysia
  • Damage caused by the alteration, modification, repair or maintenance of the Product(s) by any party not authorized by Best Denki
  • Damage caused willfully or recklessly
  • Damage caused by negligence
  • Damage caused by fraud
  • Damage caused by sabotage
  • Damage caused by wear and tear, degeneration, rust, mould, discoloration or cosmetic defects including defects to paintwork or product finish, in particular, without limitation, to batteries, television screens, display panels, cables, cord assembly, remote control units, antennae, battery packs, adaptors, rubber gaskets, filters, bulbs, lamps, drum units, print heads, ink cartridges, cabinets, front panels, casings, covers, frames, lenses, lids, levers, plugs, sockets, control knobs, buttons, speakers, computer keyboards, mouse.
  • Damage that cannot be proved
  • Damage caused by Acts of God including without limitation, earthquake, volcanic eruptions, tsunami and lightning
  • Damage caused by war, riots or uprising
  • Damage caused by the execution of legal rights by national or public bodies or any third party, seizure, requisition, and confiscation
  • Damage caused by nuclear fuel substances or radioactivity
  • Damage caused by computer viruses or any defect or any error in any software used upon or in association with the Product{s)
  • Damage to Product(s) that are recalled such recall having made by the manufacturer
  • Damage caused by manufacturer's defects inherent in the Product(s) . .
  • Peripheral equipment or components that do not have independent functions. This includes, without limitation, equipment or components worn out through use of the Product(s) ego video heads
  • Databases and software
  • Such products as may be determined by Best Denki, including without limitation, mobile phones, pagers, transceivers and radios
  • Damage caused by neglect, misuse, abuse, improper installation, improper usage or wrong electrical supply/voltage or failure to operate the Product(s) in accordance with the instructions provided
  • Damage caused by power outages or surges
  • Product(s) given to the Warranty Holder as free gifts in the course of sales promotions


  1. Best Denki's Obligations

4.1 Best Denki's entire obligations under the Warranty are to repair the Product(s) or to compensate the Warranty Holder with Gift Vouchers, whichever is applicable.
4.2 The Product(s) will be repaired subject to the ready availability of parts from the Manufacturer (in Malaysia).
4.3 Under no circumstances shall Best Denki be 'obliged to make any cash payments.
4.4 Gift Vouchers shall be collected by the Warranty Holder after the production of the documents listed in Clause 6.2 and after verification of the claim by Best Denki  to Best Denki's satisfaction.
4.5 Gift vouchers shall be redeemable for purchases at Best Denki's stores in Peninsular Malaysia only.


  1. Manufacturer's Warranty

The Manufacturer's Warranty shall be applicable first before the Warranty.



  1. Making Claims

6.1 The Warranty Holder shall make a report to Best Denki Malaysia immediately (within 7 days) on the occurrence of the product failure, failing which, the Warranty Holder shall not be entitled to the benefits under the Warranty.
6.2 To make a claim under the Warranty, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Best Denki's Claim Form (Customer Service Form), completely and truthfully filled in.
  • Sales Order Confirmation and Receipt.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Such documents as Best Denki may reasonably require.

6.3 Making a Claim
In the event of damage to or loss of the Product(s) as a result of Failure, the Warranty Holder shall inform Best Denki immediately. (A claim will not be accepted if there is delay in informing Best Denki) If it is determined by Best Denki that the Product(s) cannot be repaired, Best Denki shall make compensation by way of gift vouchers and the Warranty will terminate.

  1. Subrogation

In the event that Best Denki has to provide benefits under the Warranty and the failure or damage to or loss of the Product(s) is caused by a third party, Best Denki shall acquire all the Warranty Holder's rights and benefits in relation to the third party.


  1. Warranty Confirmation Document

8.1 Upon full payment of the fee payable by the Warranty Holder (the "Warranty Fee"), Best Denki will issue a Sales Order Confirmation and Receipt.
8.2 There shall be no re-issuance of lost damaged, altered or defaced Sales Order Confirmation and Receipt.
8.3 Only Warranty Holders who produce the Sales Order Confirmation and Receipt, when making a claim will be entitled to the benefits of the Warranty.


  1. Change of particulars

The Warranty Holder shall keep Best Denki informed in writing of changes to the address of the Warranty Holder.


  1. Termination of Warranty

10.1 Product(s) used in the office or for industrial/commercial purposes including residential premises which have been let are not covered by the Warranty. The Warranty shall immediately cease if the Product{s) are so used.

  1. Liability

Best Denki shall not be liable for any loss or damage sustained or incurred by the Warranty Holder or any third party arising (whether directly or indirectly) from any repairs by Best Denki to the extent that Best Denki's liability, may be lawfully disclaimed.


  1. The Warranty is offered by Best Denki Malaysia Sdn Bhd in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated above.