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BEST DENKI operates one of the largest networks of chain stores in Japan. We are constantly developing new retail concepts including multimedia oriented era outlets, information based exchanges and housing related speciality shops.

At the same time, we are continually upgrading our existing stores to meet the diversifying needs of our customers. In addition, we have also ventured overseas, with branches in South East Asia and have plans to converge onto major new markets. Each outlet in this vast network of branches provides the high-quality service best fitted for that region.

BEST DENKI is Japan's largest electrical and electronics retailer that was first established in Fukuoka by Mr. Mitsuo Kitada in September 1953 as a warehousing business offering electrical appliances from around the world at value for money. He developed this business with the hopes of providing life coordination needs and providing a comfortable lifestyle to all households in Japan. Working by the motto, 'Customer is King' and with the strong understanding of its consumers' lifestyle, our reputation strengthened over the years and in 1984, we were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

1985 marked a breakthrough as we reached 100 billion yen in sales and extended our influence in Singapore. This significant step overseas raised the standards of service within the industry and paved the way for what would become Singapore's most extensive chain of electronic retail stores. With our venture into Singapore in 1985, we became the first electrical and electronics store to carry a huge range of household appliances and audio-visual products. We were also the first store to encourage customer-oriented services by allowing customers a hands-on experience of the displayed merchandise.

Our success in the retail industry continued to escalate steadily and in 2004, Singapore was appointed the headquarters for BEST DENKI's overseas operations, with it being the most developed and successful overseas market. Spearheading the expansion into other global markets, this division is now tasked with running all of our overseas operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, thus harvesting a remarkable crop of 44 outlets.

To date, BEST DENKI has more than 354 retail stores worldwide with 308 stores in Japan, 13 stores in Singapore, 7 stores in Malaysia.

We are still running our operations with the same principles and integrity that triggered our success while providing comfort and fulfillment to our customers' lifestyle.

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To Our Customers:
To offer them our services and products, and in so doing enhance their quality of life and lifestyle.

To Our Employees:
To develop them to their fullest potential and lead them to a bright future.

To Our Business Partners:
To develop and provide better products and services for mutual growth.


To be THE Preferred Electrical and Electronic retailer in this region - operating the largest retail network, providing the widest and latest range of products, and being the preferred electrical and electronic Megastore.


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