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SAMSUNG VS20A95843W Bespoke Stick Vaccum

SAMSUNG VS20A95843W Bespoke Stick Vaccum

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  • All in One Clean Station™ empties dustbin without mess and recharges on its own
  • Up to 210 watt suction power and lightweight design for powerful yet effortless cleaning
  • Long lasting, detachable battery power
  • Traps 99.999% of fine dust and reduces allergens
  • Running time: up to 60 mins
  • Color: Misty White
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Extended Warranty Programme

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SKU VS20A95843W
Warranty Period: 2 Years
Delivery: Nationwide (T&C Apply)

End-to-end Cleaning with All-in-one Clean Station


Easy and hygienic to empty and charge

All-in-one Clean Station

Enjoy an easier way of emptying and charging your vacuum. The All-in-one Clean Station automates dust disposal and recharges the BESPOKE Jet at the same time. Prevent harmful fine dust particles from scattering back into the home and enjoy only clean air with a more hygienic way of dust disposal. The Clean Station automatically empties* the dustbin using ‘Air Pulse’ technology and traps 99.999%* of fine dust* in an anti-bacterial dust bag. The anti-bacterial dust bag inhibits 99.9% of bacteria growth***.


Extra filtration to release clean air

99.999%* Multi-layered Filtration System

Release clean air with a 99.999%* Multi-layered Filtration system, which traps 99.999%* of dust** and reduces allergens***. A main cyclone and metal mesh grille filter pick up large dust particles. The Jet Cyclone and micro filter then catch fine dust and a fine dust filter traps micro dust**.


Extremely powerful, thorough cleaning

More Advanced Cleaning Performance

Clean various types of floor with the maximum suction power. The Samsung Digital Inverter Motor generates suction power of up to 210W*. The aerodynamic design of the air system also optimizes the air flow, while multi-cyclonic air filtration efficiently traps fine dust particles.

A close-up internal illustration a Bespoke JET's Digital Inverter Motor has blue streaks demonstrating the powerful suction.

* Suction tested based on the IEC62885-2 Cl. 5.8 standard, tested at the inlet of the non-motorized tool, using Jet mode. Based on SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH tests.

Strong suction power, greater efficiency

Digital Inverter Motor

Clean much more effectively and effortlessly with incredible suction power. The Digital Inverter Motor has an improved stator, rotor and 3D fan. It is 47% lighter* and rotates up to 135,000rpm, delivering a strong input power of up to 580W**, high energy efficiency and up to 210W*** of suction.


Extreme suction power & cleaner air

Jet Cyclone

Enjoy cleaner air and extreme suction power with the Jet Cyclone’s high-efficiency, multi-cyclone structure. An optimal air path reduces air resistance and its 9 cyclones with 27 air inlets minimize the loss of suction. It also hygienically traps fine dust that’s sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

A closeup illustration inside a Bespoke JET shows 9 Jet Cyclones. Blue streaks demonstrate the airflow and the close up of it form a vortex inside each cyclone.

24% lighter design for effortless cleaning

Lightweight Design

Clean your home effortlessly with easy control and movement. A lightweight design ensures maximum usability, and reduces the strain on your wrist. The handheld body weighs just 1.44kg, which is 24% lighter* than conventional Samsung cleaners. So you can easily clean all around your house.

A young boy vacuums a living room with a Bespoke JET and a woman vacuums a high window sill with a Bespoke JET.

* Compared with the Samsung VS8000. Handheld body weight: Jet One 1.44kg vs. VS8000 1.89kg.

Clean up to one hour** on one battery

Removable and Longer-lasting Battery

Enjoy a long cleaning time without recharging. A high-capacity (2500mA*) battery maintains suction for up to 1 hour**. And you can easily remove and replace it with a spare battery*** to clean for up to 2 hours. It also retains 70% of its original performance up to 500 cycles****.

There is a close-up of a Bespoke JET with the battery pack highlighted in blue. To the right, another illustration uses an arrow to demonstrate that the pack is replaceable. Below are 3 battery symbols which explain its 3.5 hours charging time, up to 1 hour cleaning time, and ability to maintain 70% capacity after 5 years.

* 2500mA is based on the total battery cell capacity, but it is limited to 2200mA for better durability.** The stated run time applies to the minimum power level with a non-motorized tool attached. Results may vary depending on actual usage.*** An extra battery will be sold separately as an accessory.**** Maintains 70% capacity after 5 years of use at 100 cycles/year, based on the battery package capacity (2200mA). 1 cycle: Full discharge after being full charged (100% ~ 0%). Results may vary depending on usage. Based on internal testing.

Easy to empty & fully washable dustbin

Washable Dustbin

Keep the dustbin hygienically clean and empty the vacuum cleaner easily. The whole 0.5L dustbin, including the multi-cyclone system, is fully washable, so it can be kept clean and fresh*. It can also be removed easily without detaching the pipe from the body, so you can simply tip out the dust.

A Bespoke JET's 4 Dustbin parts get handwashed under a tap. The 4 parts are the Dustbin, Cyclone, Micro Filter, and Fine Dust Filter.

* After cleaning, dry the fine dust filter completely for more than 24 hours in the shade before use.

Intuitively check status with a glance

LCD Digital Display

Control and maintain the vacuum cleaner more intuitively with an LCD digital display, which supports 28 languages. At a glance you can see the suction level and remaining battery time. And it alerts you to problems and offers solutions. When charging it shows you how much it has been charged.

A hand holds a Bespoke JET and the close-up of its LCD digital display is in the middle, surrounded by 5 different displays that could appear: suction power/running time, error message if an object is stuck a brush or tool, language settings, charging status, and maintenance guide.

* The displayed time may differ from the actual usage time and is continuously updated every second. The usage time may shorten based on the number of uses.

Powerfully cleans dusts on carpets and hard floors

Jet Dual Brush

Enjoy outstanding cleaning on all floor types. The Jet Dual Brush’s soft roller helps pick up large dust* on hard floors. Nylon and rubber bristles improve carpet cleaning, especially as it rotates at 4,000rpm**. A 180° swivel head easily changes direction and the drum detaches with one click.

A Samsung Bespoke JET with a jet dual brush attachment cleans a surface with four different floor surfaces, each covered in dust and leaves: wood, tile, carpet, and marble. Next to it is a close up of the yellow and blue brush inside the vacuum cleaner.

* Refers to dust particles smaller than 5.5mm.** Based on internal testing using Min, Mid, Max and Jet modes. Results may vary depending on individual use.

Professional cleaning on hard floors

Slim Action Brush

Pick up fine dust on hard floors and in crevices using a Slim Action Brush with anti-static silver. It’s slimmer and lighter**, so it’s easier to handle and clean around furniture. A 180° swivel head lets you reach into corners. And easily maintain the drum by detaching it with one click.

A Bespoke JET with a slim action brush attachment reaches underneath some furniture to vacuum dirt.

* Based on internal testing using Min, Mid, Max, and Jet modes. Results may vary depending on individual use.** Compared with a conventional Soft Action Brush. Height reduced from 64mm to 52mm (12mm↓) and weight reduced from 760g to 680g (80g↓).

Light & ergonomic for effortless cleaning

Telescopic Pipe

Clean your home effortlessly with easy control and movement. A lightweight design ensures maximum usability and reduces the strain on wrists. You can also adjust the Telescopic Pipe’s length across 3 levels to get the most ergonomically comfortable. So you can easily clean all around the house.

3 black Bespoke JETs stand side-by-side at different height adjustments. Arrows indicate it can be set between 525 and 665mm.

Keep your accessories neat and safe

Accessory Cradle

Store your accessories neatly in the Accessory Cradle*. It means they are easy to find and can be stored more space efficiently. You can also carry them easily wherever you need. And you can efficiently charge a spare battery to suit your lifestyle, without worrying about it being discharged.

The Bespoke JET's accessory cradle is in 3 locations: in front of a modern wooden wall next to a clean station, in a white cabinet, and next to a grey sofa.

* Brushes, accessories, and product colors may vary depending on the product specification.

Clean more areas, easily & thoroughly

Accessories (Pet Tool, Crevice Tool, Combination Tool, Flex Tool)

4 Bespoke JET with different tools are in different locations. One with the pet tool, which is optional, cleans a sofa as a dog sits next to it. One with the combination tool cleans dirt on a desk near a laptop. One with the crevice tool cleans a narrow space. And One with the flex tool cleans a high window sill.

What's in the box

What's in the box



General Information

  • Body ColorBlack Chrometal
  • Point ColorMisty White
  • Digital Inverter MotorYes


  • Max Consumption Power580 W
  • Suction Power210 W
  • Running TimeUp to 60min* * Stated run time applies to the minimum power level with a non-motorized tool attached
  • Dust Collection TypeMulti Cyclone
  • Noise Level86 dBA
  • Dust Capacity0.5 L
  • Display TypeLCD


  • Battery TypeLi-ion
  • Voltage25.2 V
  • Detachable BatteryYes
  • Charging StationClean Station


  • MainSlim Action Brush
  • Main (Others)Jet Dual Brush


  • Accessory 1Pet Tool
  • Accessory 2Combination Tool
  • Accessory 3Extension Crevice Tool
  • Accessory 4Flexible Tool
  • Accessory 5Accessory Cradle

Clean Station Detail (Accessory)

  • Consumption Power1300 W
  • Dust Bag3 EA
  • Dust Bag Capacity2.0 L
  • Dimension (WxHxD)300x300x850 mm
  • Weight6.7 kg


  • ExhaustFine Dust Filter
  • Pre-MotorYes

Convenience Feature

  • Washable Dust BinYes

Physical specification

  • Dimension (Net)250x1000x210 mm
  • Dimension (Set)300x1165x300 mm
  • Dimension (Package)408x493x921 mm
  • Weight (Net)2.5kg *Slim Action Brush
  • Weight (Set)9.2 kg
  • Weight (Package)19.0 kg

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