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SAMSUNG RS62T5F01B4 Side By Side Refrigerator
SAMSUNG RS62T5F01B4 Side By Side Refrigerator

SAMSUNG RS62T5F01B4 Side By Side Refrigerator

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Compressor type: Digital Inverter Technology

Cooling Technology:All Around Cooling Technology

Others:Spacemax Technology

Dimensions (mm) W X D XH 912 x 716 x 1780

Capacity: 660L

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Extended Warranty Programme

Availability:In stock
Warranty Period: 1 Year
Delivery: Nationwide (T&C Apply)

Make the Family Hub the heart of your home.It provides a fun way to share messages, photos, videos, information and schedules.

Key Features

*Images are for illustration purpose only 

Family Hub
Family Board
View Inside
Built-in Look
View what’s inside your fridge anywhere
See what’s in the fridge anytime, anywhere on your smartphone. Or quickly access ‘View Inside’ by dragging your fingers down the home screen. A View Inside internal camera shows what food you have. It also tags food expiration dates and lets you create a shopping list, food memos or reminders.
Easily make your family’s favorite food
Cook food your family loves. Using artificial intelligence and food profiling, the Recipes App provides delicious recipes with simple instructions. A Weekly Meal Planner suggests meals to cook every day, based what food you like and have in the fridge.
* Features and contents may vary by country.
Shop more efficiently and reduce waste
Plan meals and food purchases easily with the Shopping List App. Just add any items you want to your shopping list with a touch or voice command. Also, you can synchronize the list to your phone and check it in a store.
Easily share family moments and news
Enrich your family life by sharing news, messages, special moments and now videos on the Family Board. Simply use the home screen or a smartphone to show photos and video clips, post stickers, draw pictures, type or hand-write notes, share schedules and website links or add a music player.
* Features and contents may vary by country.
Always stay informed and get reminders
Stay up-to-date with important information! The Morning Brief displays the weather forecast, food reminders and your calendar on the fridge’s screen. Using New Bixby voice recognition it will identify who’s talking and show relevant information.
* Features and contents may vary by country.
Never forget important family events
Make sure that you never miss a family event. The Calendar lets you share and check the schedules of family members at a glance. You can update entries on the fridge or from a smartphone and synchronize the schedules with Google and Microsoft 365 calendars. So you won’t forget important dates.
Easily stay in touch with all the family
Enjoy a really fun and effective way to communicate with your family. Using the Memo, To-do and Gallery Apps you can share memos, task lists, instructions, activity schedules, photos and even upload and play video clips. The screen turns on when anyone is near, so they can see what you’ve put.
Watch your phone or TV and keep cooking
Watch TV programs or access online content. Using a widget you can quickly launch popular video streaming or social media Apps. The SmartView App can also display what’s showing on any Samsung Smart TV* and lets you view and control the millions of Apps that are available on your smartphone**.
* Compatible TVs are: 2015-2017 models of Smart TV: J/K/MU6400 series or higher, 2018 models of Smart TV: NU7400 series or higher, 2019 models of Smart TV: Q60R series or higher, 2020 models of Smart TV: Q60T series or higher and Lifestyle TV(The Frame, The Serif, The Sero). Please check the compatibility information for new TVs on** Compatible with all major Apps on Samsung Galaxy S6 models or later, running Android 8.1 or higher.
Feed your mind with interesting trivia
Keep your family informed and amused with daily doses of facts and trivia. The Trivia feature displays a range of useful information. It shows you inspiring events and words, fascinating historical facts and the meaning of unusual words. And the question of the day will keep you all thinking!
* Features and contents may vary by country.
Non-stop music & entertainment anytime
Enhance your cooking pleasure and entertain people at a party. Enjoy seamless music listening to your favorite playlists and songs using Spotify. Or stream non-stop entertainment with global radio stations, news, podcasts and comedy shows on TuneIn.
Easily access websites & online services
Access your favorite web services without a PC or mobile device. Using the embedded Browser you can view online content, such as news, social media and much more. You can also create shortcuts on the Home Screen or save links to popular websites, such as Twitter, so you can quickly access them.
Enjoy a more intelligent way of living
Make life simpler and more efficient with the New Bixby* used on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Simply tell it what you want to do and it does it, from setting alarms to suggesting recipes. It even adapts to your needs by learning your routine and preferences, so it gets more helpful over time.
* Bixby is Samsung’s brand of artificial intelligence (AI) / Internet of Things (IoT) voice assistant. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.* Different languages are supported by each country
Make & receive phone calls hands-free
Make or receive calls when you’re cooking without holding a phone. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the refrigerator can seamlessly connect to your smartphone*. So you can easily answer it or call people just using your voice. And there’s less risk of dropping or damaging it with sticky fingers.
* The ability to respond to calls using your voice is available with any smartphone, but making calls using your voice is only available with Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
Simply smarter control of your home
Turn your home into a smarter home very easily with SmartThings*. Using just your voice or a simple touch on your refrigerator’s home screen, you can instantly control your smart appliances and IoT devices. You can turn them on/off, adjust settings, co-ordinate activities and limit power usage.
* Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required*Features and contents may vary by country.
Simply bigger inside, same size outside
Store all your food neatly and keep it fresher for longer with a huge space. SpaceMax technology™ enables the walls to be much thinner using high-efficiency insulation. So it creates more room inside without increasing the external dimensions or compromising energy efficiency.
* The capacity is different for each model.
Perfectly harmonious and stylish design
Give your home a stylishly integrated appearance. Its premium built-in look is both neat and modern, but won’t look out of place with your existing appliances and cabinetry. It also has beautiful flat doors with a minimal dispenser and recessed handles that don’t protrude and get in the way.
Works longer for less
Enjoy greater energy efficiency, less noise and a long-lasting performance. The Digital Inverter Compressor automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand. So it’s quieter, uses up to 50% less power* and is certified to work for 21 years**, backed up by a 10 year warranty***.
* Based on internal testing using the ISO 15502 standard.** Awarded a 21 year durability certification by the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in Germany (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker – VDE).*** 10 year warranty is limited to the compressor only.

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