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Filter type:Non-woven fabric, activated carbon

Purification Capacaity:12000 Litre

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12,000 L of Clear Water with Just 1 Cartridge

Just one cartridge can purify around 12,000 L of water. The cartridge can last for a whole year even when purifying 30 L of water a day, reducing the time and effort spent on cartridge replacements. Eliminating the need to purchase bottled water can not only save money, but it can also help to reduce waste from plastic and glass bottles disposal.
12,000 L of Clear Water with Just 1 Cartridge

Super Wide Filter for Long-life Water Purification

The Super Wide Filter* is made of non-woven fabric and powdered activated carbon, and can thoroughly capture turbidity, residual chlorine and iron (particulate form). Folding the non-woven fabric increases the flow path area, contributing to a longer filter life and the purification of large flow rates of tap water.
* Approx. 1.22 times the filter surface area of the conventional P-5JRC.
Super Wide Filter for Long-life Water Purification

Plentiful Access to Clear Water

Purified water that only comes out in trickles is not ideal for busy kitchen tasks. The TK-CS200 produces a high flow rate of 6L/min, providing plentiful water for drinking, washing vegetables and seafood, and cooking.
Plentiful Access to Clear Water

Three-step Easy Installation

Step 1

Attach bypass selector to tap
Step 1

Step 2

Connect hose to bypass selector
Step 2

Step 3

Attach outlet pipe to main unit
Step 3

Suitable for Confined Spaces

The TK-CS200 boasts a sleek, compact design with a diameter of just 13.3 cm, making it perfect for confined spaces.
Suitable for Confined Spaces

Flexible Installation to Suit Your Location

The angle of the nozzle can be rotated 340º in line with the purifier’s position in relation to the sink. This ensures the purifier can be installed where it does not get in the way of kitchen tasks.
Flexible Installation to Suit Your Location

Convenient Features

Easy Water Flow Switch

The lever enables easy switching between purified water and unpurified water with a simple operation.
Easy Water Flow Switch

Easy Cartridge Replacement

The filter cartridge can be easily removed by pulling and turning the cover in a counterclockwise direction.
Easy Cartridge Replacement

Remember When to Replace Cartridge

Customers can write the date they started using the cartridge on the attached label and affix it to the purifier to remind them of the timing of replacement.
Remember When to Replace Cartridge


Size and Weight


*Main unit **Approx. 2.6 kg when full of water

12,000 L of clear water with one cartridge

Super Wide Filter achieves high flow rate of 6 L/min

High flow rate makes it suitable for washing vegetables and cooking

Three-step easy installation by the user without any professional tools

13.3 cm diameter allows installation in a small space in the kitchen

Removes turbidity, residual chlorine and iron (particulate form)

Main materials

  • Main unit

    • ABS resin
  • Bypass selector

    • ABS resin
  • Hose

    • Vinyl chloride

Main unit

  • Dimensions

    • About 133(W) × 145(D) × 251(H) mm
  • Weight

    • About 1.0 kg (about 2.6 kg when full of water)

Temperature of water used by Water Purifier

  • Under 35 °C (under 80 °C for bypass selector)

The lowest applicable dynamic water pressure

  • 40 kPa

Pressure of water used by Water Purifier (dynamic pressure)

  • 40 kPa to 350 kPa

Usable water service pressure (static pressure)

  • 40 kPa to 750 kPa

Filtering capacity

  • 6.0 L/min. [at 100 kPa water pressure]

Cartridge Installed In the unit

  • TK-CS200C

Purification capacity

  • Free residual chlorine 12 000 L (*1)
    Turbidity 12 000 L (*2)

Removable substances

  • Iron (particulate form) Can be removed (*3)

Guide for time to replace cartridge

  • About 1 year

Filter material

  • Non-woven fabric, activated carbon

Components which cannot be filtered out

  • Iron dissolved in water, heavy metals (silver, copper, etc.), salt (seawater)

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