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Panasonic TKCJ600ZMA Water Purifier

Panasonic TKCJ600ZMA Water Purifier

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4000 L lasting clear water

Removes 17 substances & 99.999% of bacteria

High performance activated carbon developed with Panasonic’s unique technology

Increased high performance activated carbon 170% in weight compared with PJ-225R

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Removal of 17 Substances
Free residual chlorine/ Turbidity/ Total trihalomethane/ Bromodichloromethane/ Dibromochloromethane/ Bromoform/ Tetrachloroethylene/ Trichloroethylene/ CAT (agricultural chemicals)/ 2-MIB (mould odour)/ Soluble lead/ Benzene/ Geosmin (musty odour)/ Phenols/ Carbon tetrachloride/ Iron (fine particles)/ Aluminium (neutral)
* This value is based on JIS S 3201 tests and JWPAS B standards


99.999% of Bacteria Are Removed
4-stage water purification system eliminates 99.999% of bacteria and was verified by the Japan Food Research Laboratories.
*In a general bacteria elimination test performed at the Japan Food Research Laboratories with a cartridge used in a Panasonic product.
Tested bacteria: Brevundimonas diminuta


Increased High Performance Activated Carbon 170%*!
The MicroClear4000 cartridge contains 51 g, 170%* of high performance activated carbon which is made from our unique technology. This delivers high purification performance and longer cartridge life.
* In weight compared with PJ-225R


NEW: Increase of surface area is made by nano-sized pocket for more removal
Original technology creates nano-sized pocket that is small as 1 nm which removes 13 impurities, including the fine chemical trihalomethane. Creating more nano-sized pockets and surface area increases the removal of impurities.


NEW: Special surface treatment prevents impurities from escaping
Our unique surface processing technology has succeeded in creating an appropriate air layer in the nano-sized pocket. Impurities contained in water are released into the air and easily adsorbed on the activated carbon surface.


The LCD Shows You the Exact Time to Replace the Cartridge

Each time you turn off the water, the remaining usable capacity will be displayed.




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