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Air Conditioner Cooling Capacity : Above 2.5 HP
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  1. PANASONIC CSXPU28XKH Air Conditioner
    PANASONIC CSXPU28XKH Air Conditioner
    Special Price RM4,599.00 Regular Price RM4,620.00

    Cooling capacity:24,200btu/hr

    24-hour nanoe™ X protection inhibits various pollutants and deodorises odours

    AEROWINGS delivers faster and further airflow across the room

    Powerful Mode lets you enjoy instant powerful cooling

    Capacity: 3.0HP

  2. PANASONIC CSXU24XKH Air Conditioner
    Out of Stock
    PANASONIC CSXU24XKH Air Conditioner

    With Free Gift

    Cooling Capacity:22500 Btu/hr

    Gas Type: R32 X-Premium Inverter

    Cooling Type:iAUTO-X with Humidity Sensor

    Others: Nanoe X Technology

    Noise Level:Noise Level 52(dB-A)

    Capacity: 2.5HP

Grid List

2 Items

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