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SAMSUNG Jet 60 Pet VS15A6032R5 Stick Vacuum

SAMSUNG Jet 60 Pet VS15A6032R5 Stick Vacuum

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  • Digital Inverter Motor
  • 40min battery life
  • 2 in 1 Flexible Charger
  • Fully Washable bin
  • Compatible with Clean Station™
  • Suction Power: 150W
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Extended Warranty Programme

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SKU VS15A6032R5
Warranty Period: 2 Years
Delivery: Nationwide (T&C Apply)
    More Advanced Cleaning Performance
    Digital Inverter Motor
    Jet Cyclone
    99.999% Multi-layered Filtration System

Light weight, powerful suction

VS6700 is installed in the living room.

Effortless cleaning

Lightweight Design

Clean your home effortlessly. A lightweight design ensures maximum and easy control when using the vacuum around your home. The handheld body weighs a mere 1.48Kg.

A person lifts the lightweight VS6700 with one hand to clean the high ventilation shaft with the extension crevice tool and cleans the tabletop with the combination tool.

Room to breathe

99.999% Multi-layered Filtration System

You spend ages ridding the dust from your floors, only for it to escape from your vacuum into the air. Not with this Multi-layered Filtration system*. It includes an ultra-fine dust filter that captures 99.999%* of micro dust†, like pollen and mould. Then you can make the air in your home as hygienically clean as your floors.

*Tested based on IEC62885-2, Cl. 5.11, Max mode. Based on SLG(Schubert Leiter Geratesicherheit) tests. †0.3~10μm size is the particle size which is generally invisible to human eyes, such as pollen, mould.

Squeaky clean

A person is emptying the Dustbin.
Easy Clean
Dustbin, Multi-cyclone system and Micro filter is being washed in water.

No bags, no mess, no hassle means keeping the dust bin tip top couldn't be easier. To empty, simply click and twist – no need to remove the pipe. And to keep it really fresh, you can wash the entire dust bin—multi-cyclone system and all.

A person is emptying the Dustbin.

Cleans here, there and everywhere

More Advanced Cleaning Performance

Dust, dirt, debris are no match for the mighty Samsung Jet™. With up to a massive 150W* suction power, an airflow-boosting design and cyclonic filters, it gets through every surface.

*Based on internal testing of the suction power at the inlet of the non-motorized tool, using Max mode, in accordance with the IEC62885-2 Cl. 5.8 standard.

Flexible charger

2-in-1 Charging Station

Store and charge your vacuum cleaner more flexibly with the 2-in-1 Charging Station, which can be easily adjusted to suit any home. If you want to save space it can be mounted on the wall. Or you can use it as a stand-alone charger, so you can simply remove the battery and charge it anywhere.

The 2-in-1 Charging Station supports mounted wall charging and a stand-alone charging. You can fold it to 180 degrees when you want to store VS6700 independently.

Supercharged suction

Digital Inverter Motor

Pick up everything, from spilt cereal to stubborn pet hair in seconds, thanks to the Digital Invertor Motor's suction power of up to 150W*.

Parts of the Digital Inverter Motor that produce a strong suction power of the VS6700 are shown in a row.

*Based on internal testing of the suction power at the inlet of the non-motorized tool, using Max mode, in accordance with the IEC62885-2 Cl. 5.8 standard.

Up to 40 minutes cleaning**

Removable and Longer-lasting Battery

There's plenty of power to vacuum the whole house in one go, with up to 40 minutes** run time. It's all down to the long-lasting, removable battery*.

A person cleans the room corner with a VS6700 equipped with an extension crevice tool and cleans the sofa with a combination tool. The VS6700 battery allows cleaning for up to 40 minutes.

**Stated run time applies to the minimum power level with a non-motorised tool attached. *An extra battery will be sold separately.

Goes on and on and on

Jet Cyclone

No more worrying about the vacuum not sucking up, with Jet Cyclones boosting the airflow you'll get serious suction power for longer*.

The blue swirly light inside VS6700 demonstrates the extreme suction power of the Jet Cyclone. Next to it, one of the cyclones is in an enlarged view.

*Based on internal testing using the IEC62885-2. cl.5.9. compared with Samsung VS80N8014KR/EN

Floors and carpets, done and dusted

Jet Fit Brush

Pick up fine dust particles in carpets as well as on hard floors with the Jet Fit Brush. With its 180 degree swivel head, you can easily change direction and clean every corner. And you can easily detach the brush with one click to quickly remove dirt, so that it can be hygienically maintained.

Soft carpet is being cleaned with VS6700 with Jet Fit Brush.

What's in the box

Items included inbox shown: Jet 60 Pet, jet fit brush, mini motorized tool, combination, extension crevice tool, battery and 2-in-1 charger.All images shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual model may vary depending on specifications.

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