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Mode Setting:Various Modes for hair, scalp and skin
Speed Setting:Multi Mode Selection
Benefit:nanoe™ & Double Mineral for healthy and beautiful hair
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Don’t just dry —beautify

Beautify your hair with moisture rich nanoe™ treatment with fast drying effect and Double Mineral Ions helps to protect hair from UV rays.

nanoe™ & Double Mineral Ions advantages

nanoe™ for beautiful hair and healthy scalp

Lock the moisture in your hair and keep your scalp healthy with nanoe™.

Help hair better resist friction & UV damage

Protect your hair's shine by tighten the hair cuticle, make your hair looking more healthy and prevent damage from UV rays.

Quick-dry nozzle

The combination of our unique quick dry nozzle and air coming through it, produces an amplified high pressure of air, for faster drying.

Intelligent temperature control mode

A built-in ambient temperature sensor constantly measures the surrounding air temperature and automatically adjusts the airflow to a comfortable temperature* for drying in any season to anytime.
* For Intelligent temperature control mode and Hot/Cold alternating mode

Hot/Cold alternating mode

The Hot/Cold alternating mode was developed to automatically switch the airflow between hot air and cold air, resulting in smooth, lustrous hair. This temperature gap lessens waviness, making the surface of the hair uniform.

Scalp care mode

In this mode, the dryer gently dries the scalp with warm air set at about 50°C*. nanoe™ adds moisture, which relieves the dryness, resulting in healthier scalp.
* When the ambient temperature is 23˚C

Skin care mode

A quick skin care routine while drying your hair is possible with our nanoe™ which enable to moisturize your skin.

Discover the other features

Easy-clean filter

Dust-resistant specs have been adopted. Dust can be wiped away with a tissue.


At the touch of a button, you can select any of the various air temperature modes with ease.

Sliding switch

The smooth sliding switch reduces stress on fingers and fingernails, letting you adjust air volume with a light touch.

Foldable handle

The handle is foldable so the dryer can be conveniently and compactly stored when not in use.

Filled with user-friendly features

1nanoe™ and Double Mineral external outlet

nanoe™ and Double Mineral are emitted from outlets that are separate from the hot air nozzle by protecting the moisture of the ions from heat to deliver more moisture to hair.

nanoe™ & Double Mineral Ions for healthy and beautiful hair

Total care for hair, scalp and facial skin

Hot/Cold alternating mode for adding luster to the hair

Intelligent temperature control for easy fast drying without excessive heat

Gentle, quick drying


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